Sushi by Scratch is Dallas's Hidden Sushi Gem!

Get ready for a trip of a lifetime for your taste buds, because Sushi by Scratch is coming to Dallas. This new, cutting-edge omakase restaurant will open in December 2023 and promise a dining experience like no other. Hold on to your chopsticks, though, because this isn’t like other sushi places. It’s tucked away in secret, nestled in a hotel room on the eighth floor of the historic Adolphus downtown.

Sushi by Scratch: A Need for Speed: Book Your Spot Right Away!

Sushi by Scratch is Dallas's Hidden Sushi Gem!

You should not think that you can easily make an appointment at Sushi by Scratch. There is real talk about this spot. In Seattle, there were 100,000 eager foodies on the waitlist for a 10-seat diner before it served its first 17-course feast. Phillip Frankland Lee, chef and co-owner, spilled the beans last night about how popular this one-of-a-kind eating experience is.

Sushi by Scratch: Culinary Bliss costs $165 per person.

Would you be willing to pay $165 for a food adventure? This is what Chef Phillip Frankland Lee really hopes for. Even though the price may seem high, the experience you will have while eating will make it all worth it. This isn’t just a meal; it’s an adventure full of new tastes, textures, and shocks.

How to Crack the Code and Get to Sushi Nirvana

Getting to Sushi by Scratch isn’t as easy as just going into a restaurant. From the moment you step on the Adolphus, it’s an adventure. Listen to what Chef Lee says: “Turn right, go down 15 paces.” You will see a small sign on your left that tells you to ring a bell. As soon as the door to the hotel room opens, the food adventure starts.

Chef Phillip Frankland Lee is the master of cooking.

Behind the mystery and the mouthwatering food is Chef Phillip Frankland Lee, who is making waves in the world of food. His wife, Margarita Kallas-Lee, is a co-owner and pastry chef at Sushi by Scratch. Together, they’ve made it famous across the country. Their California restaurant got the prestigious Michelin star in both 2021 and 2022, making them even more of a culinary visionary.

From Coast to Coast: A Nationwide Culinary Odyssey Sushi by Scratch isn’t just in Dallas. The Lees are making food magic happen all over the country. The 17-course feast is being brought to food lovers all over the world by three-person chef teams in Miami, Montreal, Chicago, Seattle, and other places.

Sushi by Scratch: The Mysterious City of Dallas: A Short-Term Food Haven

Why is there so much privacy in a hotel room? Well, the Adolphus, which has been there for more than 110 years, probably never thought it would have a secret sushi bar on the eighth floor. This could be a temporary meeting place for Sushi by Scratch, tucked away among hotel rooms. The people who built the Adolphus couldn’t have known it would become a secret sushi spot, but that’s the great thing about how food changes over time.

So, Dallas, get ready to go on a food adventure. One tasty bite at a time, Sushi by Scratch is letting you in on its secrets. Still, the question is: Can you find the secret door to this food paradise? It’s time to hunt!

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